Thursday, February 18, 2010

Muslim Inventions Rock London

By Sumayyah Meehan
February 10, 2010

It’s a little known secret that the Muslim world has contributed greatly to the advancement of mankind. We recently told you about an exhibition in London that reveals just how much Muslims have contributed to the betterment of humanity throughout the ages and what a huge debt of gratitude the Islamic world is owed. Now that the exhibition is public, here’s the low-down on what exactly is on display.

The exhibition includes several inventions that were completely heralded into the world by a Muslim. Water pumps, blood circulatory discoveries, maps, astronomy, medical knowledge and engineering are just a few areas where Muslims made their own contributions.

Some of the inventions are quite surprising and extremely inventive. History tells us that the Wright Brothers were the first to take flight, however a 9th century Muslim scholar beat them to the punch when he jumped off the top of a minaret with a glider that he concocted out of wood. Abbas Ibn Firnas was the first recorded instance of a human taking flight. And who would have thought that 13th century Iranian astrologists created accurate models of our Universe that were vital to Copernicus’s discoveries? Certainly not anyone over at FoxNews.

The most notable and extremely cool message that the exhibition drives home is that centuries ago Muslims, Christians and Jews relied upon each other to make new scientific discoveries and improve upon old ones.

No wonder history is one of our world’s best teachers.

Source: Oman Tribune

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